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Richard with Abbi Collins, Stunt Co-ordinator & Performer and Molly the dalmatian

Abbi Collins
Stunt Co-ordinator and Performer
Richard Smedleys home is a sanctuary

His training is second to none, his cooking is exquisite and his hospitality is the icing on the cake. Training and body sculpturing is his passion. He has the ability to transform your life...
I highly recommend you contact him, whatever your goals.
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Lydia Slater
Editor of Sunday Times, Style magazine fitness section
Do you want to look like Lara Croft?

My results from training with Richard have been astonishing. Within the first month people were commenting that I looked thinner. In three months I went down a size in clothes, lost four inches from my waist and five from my hips and shifted 18.5 lbs of body fat, while putting on 9lbs of muscle. I may not yet be able to raid tombs single handedly, but just getting into Lara's hot pants is reward enough.

Julia Ormond
Talking about Richard Smedley in Men's Fitness

I've worked with trainers all over the world and I've always come back. I know that he can do for me what I want to achieve. In him I have a friend who is emotionally and psychologically supportive...

...The fittest I have ever been was training with Richard for 'Smilla's feeling for Snow'...

...If eating chocolate cake after every meal makes you happy then do it, because that is surely what it is all about. By the same token if your weight makes you unhappy then do something about it.

Pierce Brosnan
An excerpt from a letter to Richard Smedley

The man responsible for Pierce Brosnans new body in Tomorrow Never Dies is one Richard Smedley. A no-nonsense former paratrooper. Smedley added 20 lbs of muscle to his frame in time for his love scene with Teri Hatcher.

Thank you so much for all your hard work during Tomorrow Never Dies...
I couldn't have done it without you...
You are the best trainer I have worked with...
Looking forward to seeing you on the next one

GQ Journalist and co- author of 'No More Mr Fat Guy'
When we started this project I weighed 19 and a half stone. I was lazy unfit and unhappy. I was a heart attack waiting to happen. I'm still 42 but three months later I have a 32 inch waist, which means I can look in the mirror without shuddering. I can run for an hour without stopping, and have reserves of energy to call upon. The weight I have lost is equivalent to that of my seven year old son plus three bags of sugar. I am now a very comfortable 14 and a half stone.

Francis Cottam - Let's Get Personal
Mens Fitness and Men’s Health Editor
Writing about Richard Smedley - Article Men's Fitness

In the last year or so I have noticed a slow but undeniable deterioration in my physical condition. I was still training hard but my waist was thickening and nothing I was doing in the gym was having any effect. It seemed so unfair. At 43 I was beginning to think that I would have to lower my expectations. I didn't feel happy though thinking that this was my lot in life from now on. Richard made an offer to train me for 2 months...

...Six weeks on and it is working. I feel focused, highly motivated and already much, much fitter. My waistline has shrunk and I can see my stomach muscles again. I am significantly stronger and firmer. I have more energy, better tone, increased muscle mass and more stamina. Though to me it feels like one, this is no miracle. I don’t think Richard Smedley believes in miracles. He believes in method...
I have never worked out so hard in my life...
There are no short cuts...
Technique is painstakingly correct...
The sense of achievement after being encouraged and cajoled through these workouts was stupendous...
The real revelation was Richards nutritional programme. The difference between the way I used to eat then and the way I eat now is the difference between a blunderbuss and a snipers rifle.

Christopher Villiers (Grayson Sinclair in Emmerdale)
"As an actor, I believe that only by being physically fit are you mentally capable of the challenge of shooting on-going drama on television. Emmerdale has a schedule that punishes even the fittest of actor, but through Richard and his training regime, I have now completed 2 1/2 years while also crossing the finishing line of several half marathons and the 26 mile, full length version in London, Richard is the best of the best."

Christopher Villiers (Grayson Sinclair in Emmerdale)