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The aim is to allow companies the benefit of ensuring their key players are kept fit and healthy in their working life by arranging multiple visits to the Beach Retreat over the year with the option of arranging for one of Richard’s highly qualified  personal trainers to continue the programme once they return home.

These are stressful economic times and stress is a killer. Illness, whether it is profound or temporary, can lead to major profit loss in a heartbeat- literally. Companies can pay an annual fee which entitles their employee(s) 20 days of stays at the Beach Retreat over the period of a year at a time that is convenient.  On those stays Richard will carry out an in depth look at their general health with a full bio mechanical and physiological survey of their bodies and make remedial training routines which he will teach them how to carry out during their stay.

The food side of life is equally explored and clients will be taught how to control their food intake using the ABACUS system with special attention paid to eating out in restaurants. Additionally, because of the Beach Retreat’s restful and peaceful environment these stays are an integral and important part of the process as well. Activities are varied and special attention is paid to ensuring that clients find one or more that they enjoy. Contact with Richard once clients return home is an essential part of the system so that any health problems are highlighted early rather than later.

The programme is designed to be proactive towards health rather than reactive once problems have occurred and that is the key to what these stays are there to achieve.

Ensure your key staff are fit, healthy and performing at their peak

What's Included:
• Bio mechanical and physiological assessment at each stay
• Individual fitness programme
• Accommodation and food at the Beach Retreat
• Nutritional training using Richard's ABACUS system
• Cooking guidelines so you can prepare your own meals between stays
• Massage session on each stay
• Progressive fitness training programme to continue with on departure from each stay
• Back up contact with Richard by telephone or email should further advice be needed

Physiological testing for London clients is undertaken at London Physio in Notting Hill. Clients from other areas are tested at the Beach Retreat on arrival.

Annual membership: £8,000 per individual for twenty days of residential training at the Beach Retreat
Personal training at the clients home or gym £65/ session