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Our aim is to provide clients with an enjoyable and challenging bespoke training experience that will both improve fitness levels and get results fast.

Is This You?
• Got bored in the gym and want to reinvigorate and shake up your training regime
• Your body has got used to being the way it is even with regular training and you want that elusive further progression
• You want to stretch your limits by challenging the boundaries of your comfort zone
• You are going to embark on something that requires very high fitness levels in a ‘real world’ environment and need practical guidance on how to achieve the necessary fitness levels

Richard has trained paratroopers for the British army, film stars in skills that their characters need to show mastery in and huge groups of extras to be soldiers in Hollywood epics (the last being Troy). In short he is a master of unconventional fitness training techniques that not only are supremely effective at increasing fitness levels but enjoyable and challenging as well. This module is customized to each clients own fitness levels so you don’t have to be superman to do it but it is especially suitable for groups who enjoy the idea of team activity.
Why not see how fit you really are?

Richard still teaches the clients how to use the highly adaptable ABACUS nutritional system on their stay and involves them in the cooking of their meals. Food is central to all Richards training modules and no less so with this. However long you choose to stay, whether it be for a weekend, a week or even longer the high you will get from completing the training will be profound.

• Navy SEAL style training
• Military style marches with weights
• Distance swims in the sea (summer and winter!)
• Fight training (boxing and martial arts)
• Circuits
• Sea kayaking and many more pursuits

Bootcamp fitness training - get down and give me 20- NOW!

What's Included:
• Bio mechanical and physiological assessment prior to starting
• Accommodation and food at the Beach Retreat
• Intense and varied boot camp regime including any necessary equipment
• Nutritional training using Richard's ABACUS system
• Cooking guidelines so you can prepare your own meals after bootcamp training has finished
• Recipe book of meals personal to each client
• Massage session
• Monitoring and advice by telephone or email should further advice be needed post course

Physiological testing for London clients is undertaken at London Physio in Notting Hill. Clients from other areas are tested at the Beach Retreat on arrival.

Individuals: £425 per day (reduced for stays over 5 days)
2 person £325 per day per person
3 person £225 per day per person