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Our aim is to help clients achieve their ideal healthy weight in a balanced and maintainable way for the rest of their lives.

Is This You?
• Been on every diet known to modern man or woman
• Life's a constant series of mood and energy level swings
• No real idea of what constitutes healthy eating
• Lost weight and then put it all back on and more
• All but given up on ever being the correct weight
• Depressed by the body image you present to the world
• Lost contact with the, ‘physical you’

If some or all of the above apply to you then Richard is the man to call.

At the Beach Retreat he doesn’t use fad diets but uses his ABACUS nutritional system which comprises of all three food groups in the correct amounts and is designed to make you eat the way your body was designed to.

There is no calorie or point counting and once you know it, it's like learning to drive a car, it will stay with you forever. Not only that, he teaches his clients to understand how their body works in relation to food so that energy levels and mood status become stabilized and the destructive cycle of high/ low blood sugar levels become a thing of the past.

The course addresses how to shop intelligently and how to cook the food you buy to make healthy enjoyable ABACUS meals that you will actually help formulate (even if you have never really cooked in your life). Clients will visit restaurants and learn how to decipher menu contents so you can make the best choices. By being successful in weight loss and by working with the body rather than against it he will get you to achieve BALANCE and with that balance not only becomes permanent weight loss but also many other benefits to the rest of your life. Coupled with his nutritional system, Richard will teach you how to train your body in a progressive, safe and enjoyable way and will find fitness activities that suit each individual client that works for them, most of which aren’t gym based. All this is designed to give the client control in his or her life.

Obese, unfit and unhealthy

Clients should plan on a 5 day period to learn the nutritional system and training regime but stays can be extended for ‘top up’ reinforcement periods in the safe and private environment of the Beach Retreat .

What's Included:
• Bio mechanical and physiological assessment prior to starting
• Accommodation and food at the Beach Retreat
• Restaurant visit
• Nutritional training using Richard's ABACUS system
• Cooking guidelines so you can prepare your own meals after the course has finished
• Recipe book of meals personal to each client.
• Massage sessions
• Progressive training programme to continue with on departure
• Monitoring and advice by telephone or email should further advice be needed post course.

Physiological testing for London clients is undertaken at London Physio in Notting Hill. Clients from other areas are tested at the Beach Retreat on arrival.

Individuals: £425 per day (reduced for stays over 5 days)
2 person £325 per day per person
3 person £225 per day per person