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Our aim is to help clients maximize body shaping gains in the shortest period of time possible.

Is this You?
• Feel that you never get the results from your training you deserve
• Have a holiday or a wedding coming up and want to look your best for the occasion
• Been on the holiday and had a great time and now want to get back into shape!
• Made a new years resolution to look fitter and be healthier
• Want to break a run of despondency by getting back into fitness

Richard made his name training actors to change their bodies to suit their forthcoming roles and has achieved outstanding results over the years. This has led to him being able to define and redefine his methods by which these results have been gained. This module uses these methods and makes them available for all. The Beach Retreat duplicates the type of environment he used on his film work where he controlled both the food intake of the actor using his ABACUS SYSTEM and the appropriate training regime for what was required. This means he can get quick results for his clients.

The young actor shown above took 25 days to achieve the changes shown above. Additionally, because Richard tutored this client in his methods, on his departure he was able to continue the programme for even further gains. Some people don’t have the five weeks the young actor had, but training periods can be broken down into smaller more manageable segments if necessary with some work being undertaken by the client at home using the same methods, till they return for another stay. Much depends on what your body is like at the beginning and the distance you need to travel to get where you are going.

Whatever that distance is, Richard will guarantee he will get you there as quick as it is possible but in a safe and progressive manner. All clients will receive a bio mechanical and physiological assessment prior to starting the training.

Dramatic body resahping for an actor

It took 25 days of training at the Beach Retreat to produce these changes

What's Included:
• Bio mechanical and physiological assessment prior to starting
• Training programme carried out at the Beach Retreat
• Accommodation and food at the Beach Retreat
• Nutritional training using Richard's ABACUS system
• Cooking guidelines so you can prepare your own meals after training has finished
• Recipe book of meals personal to each client
• Massage session
• Continuation training programme to continue with on departure
• Monitoring and advice by telephone or email should further advice be needed post course

Physiological testing for London clients is undertaken at London Physio in Notting Hill. Clients from other areas are tested at the Beach Retreat on arrival.

Individuals: £400 per day (reduced for stays over 5 days)
2 person £300 per day per person
3 person £200 per day per person