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Recent Actor Body Shaping

Kickass 2 – Aaron Taylor Johnson

Aaron Taylor Johnson

Aaron Taylor Johnson’s role as Kickass required him to have an overhaul on his physique from Kickass, the original movie.

This time he needed to have the body of a superhero and he certainly got it! Aaron worked like a superhero to achieve his aim. Strict nutrition and long hours in the stunt warehouse got him the results he needed. A pleasure to work with him!

Letter from Aaron Taylor Johnson Letter from Aaron Taylor Johnson

Mark Jarvis and One Direction World Tour

One Direction

Richard Smedley Training’s Mark Jarvis has been training One Direction since late February of this year. Mark and Richard are old friends from Parachute Regiment days and teamed up a decade ago to offer elite training in the world of film and music. Mark is one of the UK’s foremost MMA training coaches. The boys are certainly losing their teenage look and buffing up nicely! Kudos to Mark!

Kick Ass 2 – Olga Kurkulina

Olga Kurkulina

Olga Kurkulina as Mother Russia was a Russian Olympic decathlete in a previous life and now competes in the world of bodybuilding. Her requirement for the film was to maintain and improve her look and to keep her fitness levels at peak for her very physical role as Mother Russia. What a woman — very tough and great lady. What an honour!

Vampire Academy

Richard trained all the Vampires on this film including Zoey Deutsch, Danila Kozlovsky and Sarah Hyland (Modern Family). The film comes out in 2014. Danila Kozlovsky trained like an athlete and achieved amazing results!

Danila Kozlovsky

Danilas stunt double had to change his physique from his last role to match Danilas on Vampire Academy and as you can see the programme works – just add hard work, discipline and effort!

Our aim is to prepare actors bodies to role in film, TV and theatre productions.

Richard has a wealth of experience in working with actors whether they are training for a future role or just maintenance work to keep the important physical connection alive and vital.

Whatever the reason is, he can help you get the results you require and the Beach Retreat is the perfect venue to maximize results. Richard (or one of his London trainers) can also if necessary do home visits, on set work or travel abroad - something he has done more than probably any other UK fitness trainer. Sensitive to the processes actors go through in their preparation, Richard can formulate training regimes that will complement the role they are to play. Actor training can be complicated with pre- production schedules so please call should you require further clarification on special circumstances.

What's Included:
• Bio mechanical and physiological assessment prior to starting
• Accommodation and food at the Beach Retreat
• Nutritional and cooking training using Richard's ABACUS system if needed
• Fitness programme to accomplish body requirements of role
• Back up advice and tutoring through email and telephone if needed

Physiological testing for London clients is undertaken at London Physio in Notting Hill. Clients from other areas are tested at the Beach Retreat on arrival.

Pierce Brosnan
Daniel Day-Lewis - The last of the Mohicans Keira Knightly - Richard trained Keira for the film King Arthur

Just a few of the actors Richard has worked with.

Others include:
Robert De Niro - Nicolas Cage - Daniel day-Lewis - Val Kilmer - Ashley Judd - Pierce Brosnan - Matthew Perry - Dougray Scott - Julia Ormond - Miranda Richardson - Michelle Yeoh - Cate Blanchett - Billy Crudup - Sean Bean - Ed Harris - Madeline Stowe - Wes Studi - Keira Knightley - Charlize Theron - Adrian Lester - Matthew Goode - Frances Barber - Allan Cordunner - Glen Wallace - Rob Dougan

Individuals: £400 per day (reduced for stays over 5 days)