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Aaron Taylor Johnson

Kick Ass 2: Aaron Taylor Johnson

Richard transformed Aaron for the film, Kick Ass 2.

Olga Kurkulina

Kick Ass 2: Olga Kurkulina

Richard trained Olga Kurkulina for her role as Mother Russia in the film Kick Ass 2.

One Direction

One Direction World Tour

Richard Smedley Training’s Mark Jarvis trained the group on their world tour 2013.

Vampire Academy

Vampire Academy

Richard Smedley trained all the actors on Vampire Academy which opens in early 2014.


Massive Weight Loss, Fitness and Body Reshaping Programme

Weight Management

Weight Management

Designed especially for long term obesity sufferers who have tried everything else and failed in terms of controlling their weight.

Bikini Pre & Post Holiday training

Personalised Body Shaping

Get in shape for an event such as a wedding or holiday. Both short and long term goals tailored for.

Corporate Training membership

Corporate Health Management

Annual membership to training weeks for key personnel ensuring they stay fit and healthy.

Bootcamp training

Bootcamp Intensive Training

Want to push yourself to gain extra fitness levels? Suited to individuals or groups. Varied pursuits include circuit training and boxing.

Milla Jovovich

Actor Body Shaping

Specific training and nutrition to prepare actors bodies for film, theatre and television roles. Quick reshaping.

Learn to kitesurf

Learn to Kitesurf

Experience the adrenalin rush with this extreme sport. Learn how to fly the kite; progress to water starts and onto more advanced riding.

Sunday Times lifestyle supplement

What’s Everyone Saying?

Lydia Slater - Sunday Times -
Style magazine / fitness section
My results from training with Richard have been astonishing. Within the first month people were commenting that I looked thinner...

Julia Ormond - talking about Richard Smedley in Men’s Fitness. I’ve worked with trainers all over the world and I’ve always come back. I know that he can do for me what I want to achieve. In him I have a friend who is emotionally and psychologically supportive...
...If eating chocolate cake after every meal makes you happy then do it, because that is surely what it is all about. By the same token if your weight makes you unhappy then do something about it.

Richard Smedley

Richard’s Training Ethos

To encourage, inspire, teach and support clients to achieve their health and fitness aims, in a progressive, entertaining, safe and effective manner

Encourage and inspire.
Unless a trainer can both encourage and inspire, he probably will not succeed with his clients. The ability to motivate, which is probably what these two words boil down to, is a big part of what personal training is essentially all about. Encouragement involves getting the balance right. Too much and it becomes just annoying background noise. Too little and your client might think you insensitive to how hard they are working and become irritated.


Richard Smedley

Having worked in the industry for over 15 years he has gained a wealth of knowledge. Included in his many movie credits is the training of Daniel Day Lewis for the Last of the Mohicans, Milla Jovovich as the Fifth Element.

The Beach Retreat

Just 75 minutes from central London the Beach Retreat is the ideal location to undertake a weight loss, fitness and or body reshaping program.

View out to sea from the beach retreat
The Beach Retreat situated on Lancing Beach Luxurious bathroom

With an on site gym and miles of beach it makes for a perfect training environment.

London Personal Trainers

London clients who have stayed at the Beach Retreat can work with a personal trainer to continue the training regime that Richard has designed at their gym or home.